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Andrea Nundy-Malá M.A RDMP, ČAP

Ilona Haasová

Believe you can write things with movement that would not be possible with

a pen. The wisdom of our body will always speak the truth if we just take time to listen.


Originally from London, I have been living in the Czech Republic for the last 13 years.  I am a qualified movement psychotherapist registered with ADMP UK the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK, a psychotherapist registered with ČAP the Czech Association of Psychotherapy, and a supervisor to psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches who blend the verbal and non vebal in their practice. I have 18 years clinical experience with a range of clients from those in everyday need with difficult life problems to people with addictions, depression, trauma,  and the issues that arise from relocating to another country.


  • Expatriates and the re-location of one’s self into a new country
  • Psychosomatic issues
  • Eating Disorders
  • Difficult Life Situations
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Recovery from Domestic Abuse
  • Attachment Challenges 
  • Identity
  • Personal Development

I have 14 years experience teaching in the field of dance movement psychotherapy across Europe, with a specialisation in developmental psychotherapy in relation to the body and movement , and attachment patterns. I have had the opportunity to lecture in some beautiful cities; London, Edinburgh, Riga, and Bucharest, and continue to lecture on the Croatian DMP training program. In 2014 my colleague and I opened our 4.5 year DMT (DMP), training program in Prague, with a wonderful international team. 

,Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live’

I have a love of people’s stories and the non-verbal dimension of their tales. My belief is that our movement and body sensations are just as important as our words. Our bodies hold within them a memory of everything we have ever lived through. Especially when there have been developmental wounds, attachment challenges, or traumatic experiences, I have found that working with the body – alongside verbal expression – to be an effective way to gain insights to our problems and offer a new perspective.

Psychotherapy can help people who are experiencing a crisis or more long term emotional, relational or cognitive issues. But it can also be a support for those who would like to develop themselves, get to know themselves a bit better, or just find ways in which to make better choices and feel good about life.

Ilona Haasová

Registered Psychotherapist, Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Lecturer

For some people starting psychotherapy is a big step, sometimes a scary one. I respect and value anyone who takes this step towards exploring themselves, their past experiences and current realities. Clients may come with a clear aim of what they would like to work on, others not, both are fine. In the work when words are not enough, and when the moment feels right movement can begin. This may be an extension of the verbal expression or an exploration of a feeling, thought or image through movement. Whichever direction the work takes I will be there to support you, provide a safe and confidential space and onward referral if necessary.


Diploma in Supervision 
Masters Degree in Dance Movement Psychotherapy
Post Graduate Diploma in Dance Movement Psychotherapy
Foundation Diploma in Dance Movement  Psychotherapy 
BA (Hons) Degree in Dance Theatre; Specialization in Choreology and the Study of Warren Lamb’s Posture Gesture Merging.
Advanced Diploma in Ballet Studies
Additional Training
Depression Counselling Diploma Advanced Level Accredited Certificate
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Advanced Level Accredited Certificate
Psychology of Criminal Behaviour Training Course
Working with Survivors of Domestic Abuse Training 


Registered member of the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK. Licensed membership number 0805, since 2000.
Registered Psychotherapist with ĆAP since 2017 (The Czech Association of Psychotherapy)
Registered with UKCP (U.K Council for Psychotherapy)* Supervisory registration in process. 


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